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Talking Heads Experiment

“The Talking Heads experiment is a distributed multi-agent experiment that has been conducted in laboratories in Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam as well as in public settings in Antwerp, London and Cambridge in the years 1999 and 2000. Every location was equiped with multiple Talking Heads (in the form of cameras) looking at a whiteboard with objects on it while they were playing language games. By means of discrimination trees, objects could be distinguished and a game would succeed when the hearer can point to the object he thinks the speaker was talking about. Over the course of many games, agents would start to share the same vocabularies to describe different scenes. Agents could be transfered to different locations and align their vocabularies on a global level over the internet.”


“No analogy machine exists which will really form the product of two numbers. What it will form is this product, plus a small but unknown quantity which represents the random noise of the mechanism and the physical processes involved.”